Summer Institute 2023 Application Fee


Luna’s Summer Institute (SI) was created to support dance educators in developing their craft. Learning in a collegial group of diverse educators, SI participants improve teaching practice, gain confidence as professionals and develop long-lasting systems of support. A cohort of 12 dance teaching artists and education practitioners (classroom teachers, social workers, ECE professionals, PE or music specialists) is selected for this unique yearlong investigation into the art of teaching dance. The 2023-24 SI includes both in-person and online synchronous workshop sessions, coaching & consultation, opportunities for advanced study and collegial exchange.

Workshop Intensive: July 17-21 in-person, Berkeley

Follow-up Zoom sessions over the year

Midyear Meeting: January 13-14, 2024 in-person, Berkeley

Closing Session in May 2024, TBD


The application fee includes Professional Learning Usership for 2023-24, allowing you to sign up for multiple phone consultations and Practitioner Exchanges free of charge.

For more information, visit here.

To request an application, please email Jochelle,